• "Great American Main Street Award® Winner"
    - National Main Street Center, Inc. 2016
  • "The South's Best Small Towns 2017"
    - Southern Living Magazine 2017
  • "4th Best Summer Weekend Escape"
    - USA Today Travel 2014

  • "4th Best Underground Attraction"
    - USA Today 2016 - Consolidated Gold Mine
  • "Best Wine Town Runner Up, Southern Dream Towns"
    - Garden & Gun Magazine 2012
  • "10th Best Historic Small Town"
    - USA Today 2016
  • "10th Best Course You Can Play in Georgia - Achasta"
    - Golfweek Magazine
  • "Dahlonega: Small-town Escape"
    - Southern Living Magazine 2012
  • "Wine Tasting Room Capital of Georgia"
    - Georgia's State Senate Resolution 2015

  • "National Main Street City"
    - National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • "Official Appalachian Trail Community"
    - Appalachian Trail Conservancy 2010
  • "Georgia's Premier Sports Cycling Community"
    - Georgia General Assembly Resolution 2005
  • "Site of First Major U.S. Gold Rush"
    - Thousands of Miners, 1829-1849

Etowah Meadery, Corp.

Etowah Meadery, Corp.


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Specifically, Mead is also known as Honey Wine. During medieval times, mead was part of a marriage ritual, now known as the Honey Moon.

While the most principal fermentable sugar in mead is honey, these fermentable sugars can be combined with various forms of fruit, with the addition of spices or even grains. Mead also varies greatly in terms of alcohol content, ranging from 5% to more than 20%. The varieties available to craft mead makers are endless

Mead has a unique mouth-feel not shared by any other kind of alcohol, as it retains some of the character from honey, even if it is fermented dry (no remaining sweetness).

The historical significance of early uses of mead plays a major role in modern culture, although its significance oftentimes goes unnoticed. During medieval times, mead was part of a marriage ritual. In fact, during Lithia, or the Summer Solstice, pagans believed that the month of June was considered to be the luckiest month in which to be married, and attributed this to the Honey Moon or Mead Moon. As tradition, newlyweds would drink mead daily following their wedding for the entire 28 ½ day long full moon phase. They were encouraged to consume this sweet wine to rouse good luck in their marriage; additionally, this honey wine (mead) would promote fertility and virility. From this ritual, the term “honeymoon” was born, referring to the time period following a wedding.


Mead (Honey Wine)
Happiness drinking mead
The best honey wine in town.
Let's celebrate!
Try a flight or a glass of hone wine.
Help save the honey bees.
Some of our local hives.
Having a great time with the bees.
Try some today.
Georgia Standard - Wildflower Mead
Stone Pile - Peach
Got the Blues - Blueberry Blossom Honey Mead
FIGettaboudt - Fig Mead
Desoto's Quest - Paw Paw fruit mead
Mead Story - #GetchBuzzOn

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